List of Current Elected LPCC Leaders

Chairman – Chaz Sanders

me and larry
Chaz Sanders
(right, pictured with Larry Sharpe to the left) is 28 years old, currently a student at the University of Central Florida studying Business Management, and has been actively involved in politics since the ripe age of 14. He officially registered Libertarian (LPF) in the Fall of 2016 and has been extremely involved in activism within the Libertarian Party of Florida. He owns multiple Liberty-centered pages online, and is constantly networking. Catch Chaz at multiple affiliate meetings state-wide every month, as well as our local LPCC meet ups. Perhaps the most well connected to the LPF in the entire LPCC Executive Committee, Chaz can answer (pretty much) any and all questions you may have, or at the very least direct you to someone within LPF Leadership who can.

Vice Chairman – Brian Daniel

brianBrian Daniel is 31 years old, a proud father of two, and is a long-time liberty activist here in Citrus County. While you may not recognize him in person, his presence is huge online within major Liberty-loving networks and pages. Brian is our guru; our tech genius. Along with Brian’s marketing skills, he is also an amazing photographer and is considered one of the LPF‘s most relied on photographers. If you can’t catch him at a meeting or promoting online, you will definitely see him making the photo-magic happen at most of the Libertarian of Florida‘s gatherings and events.

Secretary – Ashley McCoy

ashley2Ashley McCoy (right, pictured with Larry Sharpe to the left) is 25 years old and is currently a college student specializing in Alternative Medicine. She has been a resident of Citrus since 2001 and has been plugged into the LPF since Fall of 2016. Ashley was 1 of the 4 delegates for Citrus at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s State Convention in 2017 and continues to serve LPCC as the one who keeps all our marbles together! Ashley, arguably the most active in the 352 community, has served Citrus working for high school athletic teams as well as the Parks and Recreation of Citrus County. You can usually find Ashley at our monthly business meetings with a pile of notebooks and paperwork.

Treasurer – Karissa Gandee

karissaKarissa Gandee is 30 years old, mother of 5 youngsters, and was elected as Treasurer for Citrus County LP. She has become known online for her outspoken voice on many Freedom supporting issues including activism for 2nd Amendment rights as well as children’s educational rights. She not only serves as a great outlet for many looking for other options in this broken political system online, but also helps keep the books in order at LPCC. At the Business Meetings, she’s usually the one saying, “Please don’t forget to donate and help support the cause!”

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